Cason will push the divisive, obstructive, Trump-inspired agenda​

    Jeff Cason is following the example set by his failed predecessor, the notoriously divisive Jonathan Stickland. Cason is putting promotion of extreme & divisive ideology, allegiance to out-of-town billionaires, and devotion to Donald Trump ahead of any real-life concerns of Mid-Cities families.


    Cason’s divisive platform is bankrolled by the same extremist special interest groups and out-of-town billionaires who have disrupted and undermined the constructive efforts of fair-minded people in both parties for years. In return, Cason has pledged allegiance to their harmful agenda.

  • Attacks on Mid-Cities Famalies

    Attacks on Healthcare

    Dismantling Affordable Healthcare: Cason has embraced the Trump agenda that works to dismantle access to healthcare. He backs the efforts of Trump and deep-pocket special interests to repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that takes away coverage for pre-existing conditions, access to quality, affordable healthcare, and prescription drugs. Cason wants to block the expansion of healthcare for over 1 million Texans.

    Tax Increases on Working Texans

    As a member of the Bedford City Council, Jeff Cason voted twice for rate increases on city taxpayers. In the State House, Cason has pledged to support a massive statewide consumption tax on Texans that budget experts project would impose a 25% sales tax on everything from clothes to basic household items.

    Dismantling Public Schools

    Jeff Cason has also staked out positions that will cripple our public schools. Cason has taken vast amounts of campaign cash from Empower Texans and political forces that are trying to divert money from our public schools and use that money to fund private school vouchers. This shift would take millions of dollars away from local neighborhood public schools and give it to unaccountable private schools.

  • Off-the-Edge Backers

    Jeff Cason has blind loyalty to the anti-vaccine front group, Texans for Vaccine Choice, whose anti-vaccine policies have put children, teachers and families in the Mid-Cities at risk. He has taken thousands of dollars from the West Texas ideological fringe group, Empower Texans, who has bankrolled the campaigns of far-right politicians committed to defunding public schools, attacking women and recking havoc to economic development. That's just a start - take a look at Cason's off-the-edge backers:

    Texas Monthly calls him the "cockroach"

    Outgoing State. Rep. Jonathan Stickland

    Jeff Cason was the handpicked replacement of the current State Rep. Jonathan Stickland who has said that "rape is non-existent in marriage" and is widely seen as the least effective member of the Texas House.

    Anti-LGBT hate group head

    Saenz brings radical discriminatory agenda to Cason's campaign

    Jonathan Saenz is head of Texas Values, an Austin-based hate group. Sanez and his allies throw their support behind far-right candidates and demand their support of discriminatory, job-killing legislation such as the bathroom bill. Saenz has stated that marriage equality will lead to people marrying their own stepchildren.

    The West Texas Billionaire Mouthpiece

    Sullivan does the dirty work for ideologically driven donors

    Michael Quinn Sullivan does the bidding of his West Texas billionaire bosses. Sullivan uses West Texas money to fund dark money groups to elect members of the legislature who will do his bidding. Their goal? An ideologically driven agenda far to the right of even most Republicans in the Texas Legislature.